Wasted Potential

My devotional reading has me in the book of Judges these days. Yesterday I re-read the tragic story of the life of Samson. It is the story of many things, things that could be described in a myriad of ways… but for me, his life can be summed up with the label: “Wasted Potential.”

Now… I realize that there is no way of knowing for certain, but it is possible that Samson was the strongest man that ever lived. And yet, ironically, he was a weak man!  He was a man that never learned to control his lusts, his passions or his desires… and as a result, they controlled him. (Insert a sad face here… descriptive of the tragic failure of this man set apart by God, and for God, from his Mother’s womb.)

The Words of Proverbs 16:32 Could Have Spoken Directly to Samson: “He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that RULETH HIS SPIRIT than he that taketh a city.” Think on this with me: Even though Samson was fully capable of single-handedly subduing a city, he failed to exercise simple self-discipline to reign in his own lusts and fleshly desires. And as a result – and despite all his raw power and super-human physical strength – he was a weak man! I am certainly not the first to say it, but I will say it again here: Samson was a He-Man… with a “she” weakness!

Indeed, Samson was a man of great potential, but as I stated above: his story is one of an even greater tragedy – for his life proved to be one of ‘wasted potential!’

Samson was a man who COULD have… and a man who SHOULD have… but a man who didn’t! And this brings me to a point I hope we all will ponder: We who are ‘in Christ’ have vast resources at our disposal – resources far beyond anything that Samson ever knew!

The Bible declares: “In Christ… we have been given ALL THINGS that pertain unto LIFE and GODLINESS!” (2Peter 1:3) However, if we fail to learn the lesson that Samson never seemed to learn, we can squander those resources… and live far below them.

There are many lessons we can glean from the story of Samson. I want to challenge you with just one: The challenge to live a life of self-discipline; A life of whole-hearted commitment & consecration to Jesus Christ… in order that you might live your life to its fullest and greatest potential – a life of victory (and not defeat); a life of blessing (and not scorning & mockery). Very simply, a life that glorifies God.

Something to think about and “muse” over, indeed!


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