Hallowed be Thy Name

I spent Father’s Day in North County San Diego with my Son, Trevor and sweet Daughter-in-Law (and soon to be mother) Lindsay. I took advantage of the occasion to worship at Horizon North County to see (and hear) my friend Bob Botsford teach – something I don’t get to do often. He is currently in a series on prayer that he is calling “On-Line” and he is using the model prayer given to us by Jesus in the Sermon on The Mount (Matt. 6:9-13) as his text. After a brief review of his two previous studies that focused upon ~ #1) OUR FATHER “a relationship we enjoy through faith in Jesus Christ” and… #2) WHO ART IN HEAVEN “a residency we enjoy, being seated together in heavenly places in Christ”…he quickly moved into the thrust of installment #3) HALLOWED BE THY NAME… in which Bob focused upon our privileged responsibility to the above stated relationship.

It was, very simply, one of the best studies on prayer and praying – and subsequent Christian living – that I have heard. Being a bible expositor, I am a firm believer in the idea that the best illustrator for a particular verse or passage of scripture, is the scripture itself. Bob did this with the deftness of a skilled surgeon, (with a generous portion of David Guzik-ness added to his winsome delivery) as he masterfully used the old testament scriptures to ‘un-pack’ all that is involved in understanding the simplicities and complexities of HALLOWING the name and the person of God. It is a must listen for all of you. In fact, I want to hear it again, along with the rest of the series (found at ‘horizon.org/media).

Anyway… this brings me to the subject of my personal devotional “musings” of late on the deep & wide topic of prayer and praying . In fact, this morning while reading from E.M. Bounds, the topic of ‘Hallowedness’ and ‘hallowing’ something in prayer was the focus. I gladly share a tiny morsel with you here for your own perusal. (he writes) “Prayer, coupled with loving obedience, is the way to put God to the test and to make prayer answer all ends and all things. Prayer, joined to the word of God, ‘hallows’ and makes sacred all God’s gifts. Prayer is not simply a means to get things from God, but the means to make ‘holy’ the things we have already received from Him. Prayer makes common things holy and ‘secular’ things sacred. It receives things from God with thanksgiving… and ‘hallows’ them with thankful hearts and devoted living.” (taken from the volume ‘The Necessity of Prayer’ and the chapter ‘Prayer and the Word of God’)

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