Living as “Salt & Light” in the Present World

A huge emphasis in the recent presidential election centered upon the theme of  “change” – with both candidates (representing two parties & two platforms) promising to work toward a lasting and long-term “change” that looked very different from one another:

  • more funding for social programs from one, less funding for the same programs from the other;
  • tax increases to fund those programs from one, tax cuts to stimulate economic growth from the other… and so it went.

What’s my point?  Both candidates promised the necessary “change” to address our obvious need for social reform via a political / legislative means… which is destined to fail. Why? Because the “change” we need to address the problems we face are fundamentally spiritual, not social. Social change is important, but it will only happen truly when individual hearts – not laws or policies – are changed.

Consider the problems our society faces…then consider the obvious solution to those problems:

  • good marriages following God’s design & strong two parent families
  • high ethical standards
  • a 180 degree change in sexual practices
  • health habits
  • personal financial priorities… and on & on the list could go

The point being? None of these things can be legislated. These things will only occur when & where God’s truth – found in God’s word – is understood & applied in individual lives.

This is where you and I come in: being determined to live as Salt & Light in this dark and rotting world; committed to be ‘living epistles’ whose compassionate & ‘considerate of others’ lives would win a hearing for the good news of the gospel.

Jesus is the answer to our need, whatever the need may be; Jesus (living as Jesus in relation to God the Father and in relation to our neighbor) is the ultimate solution to problems we face, no matter what the problems might be.

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