The Blessings, Benefits and Far-reaching Implications of Salvation

While doing some reading this morning, I came across the following by G. Campbell Morgan extolling the benefits and the far reaching, soul-satisfying implications of our salvation. Read on… and drink in ~

“Salvation is righteousness made possible. If you can tell me that salvation is deliverance from hell, I tell you that you have an utterly inadequate understanding of what salvation is. If you tell me that salvation is forgiveness of sins, I shall affirm that you have a very partial understanding of what salvation is. Unless there be more in salvation than deliverance from the penalty of sin and forgiveness of transgressions, then I solemnly say that salvation cannot satisfy my own heart and conscience. Mere forgiveness of sins and deliverance from some penalty cannot satisfy the profoundest in human consciousness. Deep down in the common human consciousness there is a response to righteousness, an admission of its call, its beauty, its necessity. Salvation, then, is making possible that righteousness. Salvation is – among other things – the power to do right. However enfeebled the will may be, however polluted the nature, the Gospel comes bringing to men the message of power, enabling them to do right. In the Gospel is revealed a righteousness of God, which, as the Apostle argues and makes quite plain as he goes on with his great Epistle to the Romans, is a righteousness which is placed at the disposal of the unrighteous man, so that the unrighteous man may become righteous: in heart, thought, will and deed!”

(he continues)  “God writes with a pen that never blots, speaks with a tongue that never slips and acts with a hand that never fails!”

(he concludes) “It is good for us to be reminded over and over again that He is the key to all righteous living – as its Author, Standard, Inspirer, Empowerer, Judge and Rewarder.”

** What can be said in addition to this but “Amen!”

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