Time Alone with God

This morning I have been “musing” over some of the thoughts and some of the notes I took away from the pastors/leaders conference I attended yesterday. If I were to attempt to condense those thoughts under one common theme for the purpose of describing what I (and more than 1,000 other men) heard from the speakers who addressed us, I would say it this way: We received a serious call for holy, consecrated living.

As I was catching up on some devotional reading a few moments ago, the Lord again met me through the pen of one of favorite devotional writers. Please allow me to share a few of those thoughts with you below. Perhaps they would speak to you as they have to me? I encourage you to read on ~ “Only one thing will suffice to keep us faithful in communing with God – a sincere desire for fellowship with Him. It is in the place of quiet where we are alone with God that our spiritual life is both tested and strengthened. There (in that place of ‘quiet’) is the battlefield where it is decided – every day – whether God will have all of us and whether our life will be one of absolute obedience. If we truly conquer there, committing ourselves into the hands of our Lord and finding a refuge in Him, the victory during the day is certain. If it is true that God alone is the source of love, goodness, and happiness, and that to have as much as possible of His presence, His fellowship, and His blessing is our highest joy, then surely to meet Him alone in the morning ought to be our aim. God has called us to live a life in the supernatural. Allow your devotional time each day to be as the open gate of heaven through which light and power stream into your waiting heart and from which you go out to walk with God all day.” (Andrew Murray)

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