A Bitter-sweet Anniversary

Musing ~ 35 years ago today (June 23rd, 1979) my brother Tommy died in a Hang Gliding accident in the San Bernardino Mountains. It began the darkest nine week period in my life which left me feeling utterly hopeless, despairing of life itself and teetering on the brink of suicide (something that very few people knew). It all came to magnificent end on the evening of Saturday August 25th, 1979 when I – in the company of two of my brothers (and about 2,000 other believers) – attended a concert at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and heard a message of hope and promised rest for a soul burdened & weighed down by the cares of life. It was just what I needed. In response to an invitation given to repent of my sins and to receive Jesus as my Saviour and recognize Him as the Lord of my life… I stopped running from God and I ran to Him. I prayed a simple prayer of confession and commitment and I was Born Again of the Holy Spirit of God. And by a work of His amazing & sustaining grace, I have never looked back and have never felt alone or hopeless since.

Praises be the Saviour of my soul and the Healer of my life: my rock, my refuge, my fortress, my high tower, my shield, my glory and the lifter of my head!

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