Intercessory Prayer

Amid the reports of the plight of Christians in Kurdistan coupled together with the renewed effort to see Pastor Saeed released by his Iranian captors (read ‘torturers’), I am burdened for the persecuted church this morning – and those who persecute her. I’m also burdened for the many lost souls in the dark & rotting world around me. While “musing” over these things, my devotional reading brought me across the following. Read on…and be challenged & encouraged ~

“There is a world out there with millions who are perishing without Christ. The work of intercession is its only hope. Consider that every soul is worth more than the world and nothing less than the price paid for it by Christ’s blood… and each is within reach of the power that can be tapped through intercession. May we praise God that in our day, there is an ever-increasing number who are beginning to see and prove that in the church and in missions – in large organizations as well as small groups and individual efforts – intercession is being acknowledged as the primary power by which God moves and opens heaven. Oh, that we would turn our eyes and heart from everything else and fix them upon the God who hears our prayers – until the magnificence of His promises and His power and His purpose of love overwhelms us!” (Andrew Murray)

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