“Faithfulness” or “Bloom Where You are Planted”

The following is an interesting and thoughtful perspective on the importance of “faithfulness” in the common occurrences of everyday life & living. Read on and “muse”  ~

“Few are needed to do the out-of-the-way tasks which startle the world.  Indeed, one may be most useful just doing commonplace duties – and leaving the issue with God. And when it is all over, and our feet will run no more, and our hands are helpless, and we have scarcely strength to murmur a last prayer, then we shall see that, instead of needing a larger field, we have left untilled many corners of our single acre; and that none it is fit for our Master’s eye…we’re it not for the shadow of the cross.” (George McDonald)

“Let men regard us in this manner: as servants/under-rowers of Christ and as stewards [trustees] of the mysteries of God and the gospel. And furthermore, what is required among stewards is that one be found faithful.” (1Corinthians 4:1-2, free translation)

Faithful to One; faithless toward none.



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