Thirteen Years Ago Today…

13 Years ago today, I was at the church office, finishing up my morning devotions after early-morning elders prayer. We received a frantic phone call from a brother in the fellowship who had just been hurriedly evacuated from the White House. “Turn on the television!” he said. “Something really crazy is happening!” We turned on a television in the conference room to see the fuzzy picture of one of the World Trade Center Towers with smoke billowing out of a gaping whole in its side.

As we watched the image and listened to the news commentators speculating about what had happened, we saw a commercial airliner fly directly into the second tower – on live television – and the entire Nation knew we were under attack. A few minutes later, smoke was billowing out of the Pentagon – another hijacked airliner had made a direct hit. It was a sobering, stunning, terrible sequence of events…which (momentarily) brought our Nation to its knees. Christians across the country and around the world were calling for repentance and praying for a great spiritual revival. Later that morning I wrote the following in my prayer journal: “May we not run from God, but to Him. He stands ready to forgive, to cleanse, to restore.”

Sadly, 13 Years later, we – as a Nation – are running from God, trying to elude Him. We can’t and we won’t. Judgment stands at the door. Repentance – turning away from our sin and turning ourselves, our hearts & lives toward God – is our only hope.

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