Wholly = Holy

Every so often while doing my devotional reading I come across something so simple and engaging, yet important – perhaps even imperative – that I feel compelled to share it here with all of you. This morning was just such an occurrence. The following deals with the always-important subject/topic of Holiness. Read on, then take some time to “muse” ~

“Suppose I own 10,000 acres of land. Then suppose you come into the market as a purchaser and I sell you 9,999 of those acres, but retain for my own pleasure a plot of one acre in the very center of that holding. I have the right to cross your broad acres to get to my property, and you can’t keep me out. The law is on my side. And in the same way, if, when you gave yourself to Christ you retained anything for your own delectation at the center of your dedicated life, the Devil has the right to cross acres of your best resolutions and purposes to get to his property, and you can’t keep him out. The ‘law of possession’ is on his side. Jesus said, “The Prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in Me” (1)  In other words, the Devil had no right, no holding, no access to anything in Jesus. This fact makes the matter quite clear: every child of God ought to be able to look the Devil squarely in the face and say ‘You have nothing in me – no territory over which I acknowledge your dominion – none over my tongue,  none over my temper, none over my will. You do not control me by greed; You do not control me by selfishness; You do not control me by worldliness. I am the Lord’s property. Be gone, thou seducer and tempter!’ Dispute him right on the border of your life over which he knows he has no control…if that life of yours is wholly God’s. Is it? Wholly and entirely? O believer, be certain that if you are after ambition, after position, after power, after influence among men, after human applause, the Devil has territory in you. Be that as it may, there is a remedy for this carnal malady [and] it’s as simple as being wholly God’s; His purchase, thus His property and possession. If you are and as you are, the Devil loses hold on you. Therefore, be wholly God’s – that is all; wholly God’s. On that, holiness depends.” (A.T. Pierson; edit, jfo)

(1) John 14:30

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