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In recent days (that have quickly become weeks, and now months) I have been in the place where I have needed to trust the Lord for all things related to life & living like I have not for quite some time (read that: “for the past 30 years”). I have always said to myself (and to others) that I was trusting the Lord for all things needful & necessary for life and living – but in truth, I was more likely trusting my bank balance and the fact that I had a consistent, dependable source of income. Such is no longer the case. And as a result, my faith has been tested to uncomfortable levels. I could go on for hours about all that I have discovered/been reminded of regarding myself and regarding the faithfulness of my good, great, gracious and loving God – but I won’t do that here this morning. Instead, I want to share the way HE met me in the course of my daily devotional reading with a gentle, encouraging & necessary reminder. What I am including below will not be revolutionary (or ‘revelationary’) to any of you, but my hope is that it will be a reminder to you as it was to me that God, our Father in Heaven, sees you where you are and understands your need. And much more than that, HE has promised to meet that need in HIS time, according to HIS purposes and plans. What is our part in this process? To not be fearful or fretful, but to trust in the Lord, to commit your way unto Him and to rest in His person & His promises(1). Read on ~

“In the world we are often troubled about our earthly sustenance; we must have food, we must have raiment (clothing & shelter); we must have some guide for the future – some ‘wisdom’ that is beyond ourselves. We cannot see before us at all and we know nothing of what is beyond. Reasoning this way about our prospects, we fall into doubt and perplexity. But when we come to God and abide under the shadow of His wing, with His mighty arm enfolding us, there is rest. We enter into rest with regard to God’s promises because (by faith) we hear the voice of Jesus saying to us, ‘take no anxious thought for your life as to what you should eat or drink, or wherewithal you shall be clothed, for Your Heavenly Father knows that you have need of all these things; but [continue to] seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you(2). This is the way that the soul that is in God, through Christ, enters into His rest.” (Henry Foster)

(1) Psalm 37:1,3,5,7
(2) Matt. 6:31,33

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  1. Jimmy, what a blessing. Thank you for your words of encouragement. This is right where we are at also and it I have been meditating on these verses also and looking to The Lord to be my provider:-)
    So glad God put us back in touch!
    Steve & Carolyn

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