A Man of God

There are very few, if any Christians I know, who do not desire to be Men (or as the case might be, Women) of God. While doing my devotional reading this morning, I came across the following description of such an individual. I include the following character portrait supplied by Andrew Murray, one of my favorite devotional writers. Read on and “muse” ~

“A man of God. How much the name implies! It describes a man who comes from God, chosen and sent by Him; A man who walks with God, lives in fellowship with Him, and carries the mark of His presence; A man who lives for God and His will, whose being is pervaded and ruled by the glory of God, who involuntarily and unceasingly causes men to think of God; A man in whose heart God has taken His rightful place as All in All, who only desires that God should have that place throughout the world.

“Such men of God are what the world needs; such men are what God seeks…that He may fill them with Himself and send them out to reach and teach others.” (The Believers Daily Renewal)

“For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the whole earth, looking for a man (or woman) whose heart belongs to Him and whose life is completely loyal/yielded to Him — in order to show Himself to be strong, supportive and faithful on their behalf…” (2Chronicles 16:9, free translation)

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